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Inno molding is a custom plastic products manufacturing company with in-house mold making capability in Shenzhen China, providing high quality plastic products or parts production services.

Our professional expertise and state of the art facility ensure your project would be manufactured with top quality and fast turnaround.

With precision manufacturing equipment and  experienced team, we serve clients by consistent quality, fast response, and competitive price!

Custom Plastic Products Manufacturing 

Our factory is located in Shenzhen China, well-organized with 18 experienced mold makers and 25 sets of plastic injection machines ranging from 80 to 450T, we are confident to provide best quality of plastic injection mold tooling and injection molded products!

picture of our injection molding parts

Over 20 years of experienced in custom injection molding service for parts weight ranging from  5G to 2.0KG… .Read More

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Our in-house mould makers produce high quality injection mould with competitive price.Read More

About Us

our-factory-pictureInno Molding company is a leading plastic products manufacturer in Shenzhen China since 1996. We offer one-stop custom plastic parts manufacturing, mold making, and full product assembly services.


We make high quality plastic mould tooling in accordance with DME, Hasco, EMP, and LKM mold standard. and we use global top quality mold steel for mold making(like S136, SKD61, NAK55, NAK80, H13, etc). All of mold parts and manufacturing process are fully inspected before mold assembly. Meanwhile, we have our own injection molding shop in house, which enables us to provide top quality plastic products conveniently and flexibly. 


Inno Molding has a team of 10 engineering people who have over 20 years experience in both mold making and product design, which enables us to provide customer product design support and engineering service. If needed, we are capable of providing customer full product manufacturing and assembly service, so that our customer can get the finished products from usRead More

What Makes Us Different from Other Plastic Products Manufacturers?

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility

  • To meet precision mould machining requirement, our mold factory facilitated with most advanced mold making equipment from Germany, Japan, and Switzerland(like Sodic mirror EDM, Solic slow-wire cutting machine, DMG CNC, ROEDERS CNC, etc)
  • Our injection moulding department are equipped with brand new injection machines(TOSHIBA machine from Japan, and Haitian from China top manufacturer)
  • Our measurement centre equipped with Zeiss CMM from Germany and Mitutoyo projector, micrometer, caliper, etc from Japan

High Quality Material

  • We high quality mold steel as S136, NAK55, NAK80, SDK11,SKD61,LKM718,LKM728, etc.
  • We use total quality mold based and accessories from DME, Hasco, LKM(China),Futaba, and EMP
  • We use global leading brands of hot runners from Hasco, DME, Mould Master, Incoe, Yudo
  • We use high quality plastic resin(PC, ABS, POM, PMMA, PPO, PA6, PA66, PS, PP, etc) from global famous resin manufacturers, like Tecnica from Italy, EMS from Switzerland, GE & Du Pont from US, Bayer from Germany, Chimei from Taiwan, LG from Korea, etc.

Strict Quality System

  • Our injection molding factory was certificated with ISO9001 quality system since 2013, all of orders are produced with standard quality procedure.
  • All of injection mould parts and accessories are 100% inspected before mold assembly.
  • All of injection moulding products are fully inspected by means of dimension measurement, cosmetic check, fitting, and function test before shipping.

Experienced Team

  • As a high quality injection molding manufacturer, we hired most skilled mold makers who have at least 10 years of mould making experience. Most of them had worked in large mould manufacturers for a long time, which accumulated sophisticated mold making skills.
  • Our injection moulding production managers, supervisors, technicians were promoted from fundamental positions, and they have excellent expertise on plastic injection molding production, as well as good knowledge on plastic resin. Because of this advantage, we are ready to challenge any type of plastic production requirements.
  • For customer service, we have excellent sales representatives who have good knowledge in both language and technology. Actually they used to have over 10 years of solid work experience on both sales and manufacturing field.

Strong Product Design Support

  • We help clients to review design structure based on 3D drawing
  • We help clients to perform DFM and provide design improvement solution
  • We help clients to choose proper injection molding material.
  • We help clients to optimize tolerance
  • We perform DFM to make cost-down
  • If needed, we can help customers to design product from concept to finished products, our design capabilities include ideation, mechanism design, structure design, material choose, injection molding design, DFM, etc.

A Glance of Our Plastic Parts Production

Plastic Injection Molding is the most common process to manufacture plastic parts. It’s widely used for nearly every products.


A plastic injection molding system consists of mold tooling, injection machine, and plastic raw material. By using an injection machine, the plastic raw material is molten and injected into mold tool that facilitated on injection , where the molten material cools and solidifies to obtain the desired plastic products.


If you are not familiar with injection molding technology, you can watch the video below to learn how it works.

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